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Kasauli Holidays

Kasauli deserves to be an awesome destination for singles travel, honeymoon, business travel etc. as it provides the best traveling experience. It has the population of less than 5000 and the literacy rate is over 80%. Food, lodging and transportation all, will give you a classy feeling. The temperature is as low as 2 degrees in winter and not more than 32 degrees in summer. Overall, it stays cool throughout the year. It’s a perfect place to settle after retiring. Well, Khuswant Singh has a property out here. The churches show the glimpse of the popular British sculpture. Britishers are also known to have established this cantonment in 1877 and you will find a lot of barracks.

If you prefer to avoid Staycation or are fed up of traveling in plains or heat, you need to visit here, this season. With its scenic beauty that you can admire through the balconies of Castle, your breathing system will heal to normal in only few days of stay. You will forget all your worries and enjoy the climate and evergreen surroundings that are a specialty of town. Come and enjoy the snowfall during the winters.

Places to visit

Places to visit

– Baptist church

– Christ Church

– Central drug institute

– Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

– Kasauli Brewery

– Monkey Point

– Pine and Deodar forest for bird watching

– Gardens and cobbled streets

– Occasional snowfall in winter

– Hangout, The Rooftop Restaurant and Bar

It’s not that big and you can easily fly and reach all these destinations. You will not find big malls here but the real star of the show out here is the natural beauty and the awesome moderate climate as well as privacy. You will really forget all your worries out here.

Weather and Location

Weather in Kasauli

Experiences moderate climate throughout the year. The best time to visit is in between April to June and between Septembers to November.


Summer season is in between April and June. The temperature during this time is in between 14 degrees and 28 degrees. Days are warm and nights are cold.

Monsoons and winters

Monsoon starts in June and ends in September. During this time pleasant weather and scanty showers. Winters are quite chilly with occasional snowfalls. The temperature during winter ranges from 4 degree to 14 degree. Sometimes in the beginning of year, the temperature does drop below 0 degree but that is occasional. The winter months start in November and ends in February. You can enjoy Paragliding, trekking and camping during summers.

How to Reach

How to Reach Kasauli

You can reach via airport, railways and road. It is well connected through all the three channels of transportation.


The nearest airport is Chandigarh, which is only 70 kilometers away from this place. You can easily find the taxi from here to Kasauli. The rates of taxis are quite nominal and they will get you to Kasauli in least possible time. Chandigarh is well connected to all the major cities of the country via airways.


The Kalka railway station is only 40 kilometers from here and it is well connected with all major cities of India via railways. You can avail the state buses or taxis from Kalka and easily reach Kasauli.


You can avail the state transport buses that are the cheapest and they will take you to hill station from various cities of Himachal Pradesh. Roads of Himachal are not bad at all. Buses moves without jerk and insures smooth and safe journey. Well connected through roadways to Shimla and Manali as well and in fact with all the cities of himachal Pradesh and all the nearby cities of other states. For more comfort you can avail AC deluxe buses and super deluxe buses. They are available all the time from Chandigarh, Solon, Shimla, Delhi, PathanKot, Manali etc.

You need not worry about transportation at all.


Kasauli Attractions

The first attraction is climate. It enjoys moderate climate throughout the year. However, you just cannot expect yourself of camping if you are not experienced. You have a long range of hotels from budget to luxury out here. You will enjoy peace, privacy and tranquility out here. It’s a heaven for all kind of travel. It’s a busy location for medical science students and central drug research institute is being situated out here. Many drugs have been invented out here to fight various toxins over the years. The monkey point is a great place to have a great view of whole Kasauli. You can cite the glimpses of Chandigarh as well from here.

During summers, you can enjoy paragliding, trekking and camping. If you are a bird watcher then you need to visit the Pine and Deodar forest out here. You can visit the Christ church and the Baptist church that are a great example of the British Sculpture. You need to know that this is a cantonment and was established in 1877 by the Britishers. You will not find any big malls out here but this happens to be the most favorable hill station that is nearest to plain. You can hope for best during peak seasons. The peak seasons are from April to June and from September to November. However, if you love privacy then you can visit during off seasons as well.

Hotels Accommodation and Resorts

Kasauli Resorts

You will find home stay, resorts, hotels, nature camps, guest houses, heritage hotels and self catering villas out here. There are around 39 hotels out here that are being reviewed. You will find budget hotels as well as luxury five star hotels out here. The minimum cost of budget hotels is as low as 500 INR and the highest five star cost is around 7000 INR. With luxury, the cheapest is around 1750 INR.

KasauliCastle is a 3 star hotel and per night stay is as INR 4338. You get free Wi-Fi in selected areas apart from a long list of luxuries that this hotel offers you. Well, there are numerous hotels and resorts out here and we cannot include all of them out here.

However, if you are looking for peace, privacy and tranquility as well as luxury then you must visit KasauliCastle. The Birds view hotel is a little bit cheaper rating INR 3338 around. You just cannot assume all facility out here in comparison to the KasauliCastle. If you want to pay more then, you can find around 5 five star hotels as well. You will not find anyone of them in town but you can find them in Shimla and Chandigarh like Oberoi Cecil hotel in Shimla. You can reach in 1 hour from there to Kasauli.

However, in such case you will not enjoy the real scenic beauty of Kasauli. Hence, hotels like KasauliCastle is perfect as you enjoy nature from prime location and that is the balcony of any suite of KasauliCastle.